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Tehran International Industrial Exhibition


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Time come to the Middle of September. In recent month tungsten carbide powder price is increasing crazily. If you are in this field, I believe you've heard about it, or has been re-quoted by your supplier for the former ordered items. ZZbetter is also experiencing this hard time with our customers. The tight material supply, the increasing price of TC and Cobalt powder, all made us in a very nervous situation. But we will try our best to go through the hard time with our customers. We'll rise the smallest rate as we can to help our customers to maintain their customers and orders.

OK, going too far, now back to the focus. ZZbetter will attend the Tehran  International Industrial Exhibition at 3rd, October, 2017. If you are also visit there, welcome to visit our booth. Detail booth number is as below:

Exhibition: Tehran  International Industrial Exhibition

Time: 5th, Oct to 10th, Oct., 2017

Booth No.: 38A02

ZZbetter will be waiting for you there!