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Double Twelve Promotion


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to ZZbetter news center. Yes we are going for a great promotion before 12th, Dec, 2017. If you have demand before Christmas, buying now will save you lots of money!

Promotion time:

Now to 12th, Dec

Promotion contents:

1. New and old customers buying amount reach to 10,000USD will have special discount.

2. Old customers will have special gift if place order during this period of time.

3. ZZbetter can cover some of the delivery charge for some special products.

Details pls contact our excellent sales.

Why we start such a promotion?

1. ZZbetter finished our yearly sales target in 10 months. We are very thankful to all the customers who supported us.

2. Time is closing to Christmas, the earlier customer buy, the earlier they get the goods. Now all shipping method is in a very tight status, maybe customers need to wait long to get goods.

Fighting for the last month, and then enjoy a great Christmas holiday and New Year Holiday!

ZZbetter teams wish you a great November and December!