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Dragon Boat Racing


The important food in China is rice puddings. Every family will have it.  There are many different taste , we raps it with different yarns. I think there's some in Chinese restaurant now.. 


The most popular game is Dragon boat race. Teams come from different district or villagers .There are three times during the race:  Down the current, against the current, and across the river. There's a reward for the first and a punishment for the last one.  When I was a Child, the first will win Rice puddings while  the last will be punished to eat fresh and  very bitter gourds.  


In our Zhuzhou City, there is a mother river named Xiang Jiang River, we always have the race on the river. There are many people along both of the river levee this day.. 

Among all Chinese traditional Festival, I like Dragon Boat Festival the most.  Good weather, colorful flowers and kinds of fruits. When I was a child, my father always gave me some money to buy what I like in the town. Now our life is happy and plenty because of China is stronger, we still like this festival very much.