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About 2019-nCoVirus in our city



I know now the crona virus in China attracted the eyesights from the whole world. I believe you have heard a lot of new about it, about China. As the tungsten carbide center, Ii believe most of our customers are also caring about the situation in Zhuzhou city. Here update you the situation in our city:

1. Total population in zhuzhou city including countryside: 4.2 million

2. Total infected people: 78

3. Total death: 0

4. Total cured people: 41

5. Remaining infected people: 37

6. Daily increase: zhuzhou city has no new increase in continuous 5 days

7. Are we backk to normal work time: Now around 70% of companies in our city have started work, zzbetter tungsten carbide company is one of them. We have strict SOP for workers and machines to sterilize, workers must wear masks everyday.

8. When is the estimated time to overcome the virus: in our city we think it is early or middle March. Then all the infected people may be cured, and no existing infected people. If that day come, we can go our without limits and free from the masks.

Pls believe us, believe iin China goverment, we can make it soon.

Thanks again for your careness, we have received lots of kindness, we know that Chian is loved by the workd. When we are needed, we will give out our hand.

Wish you safety and health.

Zhuzhou better tungsten carbide company