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How zzbetter prevent 2019n-CoVirus?


Nowadays 2019n-CoV is the hottest topic in the world. China is the first place to break out, but now some countries like South Korea, Iran and Japan, Italy also found many infected people. Hope these countries can learn from China and stop it from spreading soon.


Whats the situation in China? Most parts are already in control. The latest new is that, except Hubei Province all other places the new increase infected people is 9. 21 provinces and areas have no new increase. So is it very positive situation in CHina. As to our city zhzhou, there is no increase in continuous 10 days. The infected under medical therapy only left 22, all others are cured and went home.


Though the situation is quite positive, ZZbetter still take strict actions to prevent any possible increase. The actions we have been taken is as below:

1. Require all employees wear mask everyday. ZZbetter offers mask to everyone 2pcs/day.

2. Suggest to drive to work, then taxi, and then bus.

3. Measure temperate for everyone 3 times a day, and record in textbook.

4. Sterilize office, machines, public areas, personal areas, and floor 3 times a day.

5. Keep distance at least 1 meter when talk to each other.

6. No gathering during lunch. Having lunch separately and everyone wash his own plate.

7. Often wash hand with hand washing or 75% Alcohol.

8. Sterilize the goods after production and before packing. After packing sterilize the cartons again.


What we did everyday actually is more than that. ZZbetter is doing our best to guarantee the safety of our employees and our customers benefits.


By the way, because of the virus in China, now the material of tungsten carbide increased 10%, and Cobalt increased 30%, and still keep going up. ZZbetter still have some stock, we wont increase the price now. When our stock material used up, price will adjust per the material then. Any demand or inquiry welcome contact us now.

Wish all of you safety, health and wealth.