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What ZZbetter has been doing during the pandemic?


Per the economy data of the first quarter, the whole world is bearing great loss, the economy development all showed lower increase or even decrease. Luckily though there is decrease in our company, our business is still good, our production is running normally as before, just lack some atmosphere of nervous. Many people and many companies are in anxiety, where is the way to make a live? Which direction is correct? Some companies turn to make masks, some turn to other business field which they can see lights.
ZZbetter also had this anxiety In Feb, but now we know clearly what we need to do. At the begining of April, we made plans:

1. Focus on our current orders, serve our customers well and guarantee the lead time.

2. Training courses. Hold training courses for sales and techniques to improve our skills.

3.  Visit factories. Visit factories related with our products, or customer factories, to learn more about the application and deep machining of the goods.
4. Upgrade our office systems. Network sharing is our main focus. 
5. Develop new products.

6. Encourage employees read books or cultivate personal interests.

7. Contact all our customers to see if they need any help, like masks, etc.

Dark time will pass, if we have more power in hand, we have more faith to go through it and welcome the dawn better. Keep positive, keep moving. ZZbetter is looking forward a good cooperation with you in near future.