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Promition for tungsten carbide products



Now it is end of May, zzbetter is planning to promote our goods. We knew from news that Europe will open up step by step. After a long time of llockdown, we believe many companies are in tight budget. We promote in June, with below aims:

1. To help customer save cost. You know, promotion always means good discount. Who don't like discount?

2. To simulte the market. Some customer just waiting to see if there will be price down in near future.

3. To increase our sales.

All products in our company will be in list of promotion, including:

Tungsten carbide rods

Tungsten carbide strips

Tungsten carbide saw tips and brazing tips

Tungsten carbide dies

Tungsten carbide mining tools

PDC cutters

Boron carbide and silicon carbide nozzles

We will inform the promotion by mail to our customers.

Wish you all the best.