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Carbide rods with 0.2μm lauch


Hello dears,

ZZbetter has successfully developed tungsten carbide rods with 0.2um grain size, it is one of the big breakthrough on our way to make better tungsten carbide rods.

1. Properties of the UBT209 carbide rods

A. Use selected high quality ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder

B. The very small particle size brings the carbide rods high wear resistance and high hardness

C. It is very good for high precision and high mirror processing

D. Can finish high performance materials, such as hardened steel, graphite, plastic, glass fibber reinforced materials, stainless steel, etc.

E. The carbide rods can be made as tool of 0.25mm end mills, drills, boring tools


2. Advantages of ZZbetter UBT209 carbide rods

A. Technology reach to world first class level, performance can be better than most suppliers

B. It is super good for finishing machining, can reach mirror finishing effect, save you money and time.

C. Strict quality control process, rods straightness can reach to 0.2mm just after sintering!

D. Special design per your requirement is available.


Excellent performance, worth a try!


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