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Carbide Forging Dies

Carbide Forging Dies

Types of carbide heading dies

1. Die blanks with sink
2. heading die blanks for making standard bolts.
3. heading die blanks for making hexagonal nuts.
4. punching die blanks for making steel balls.
5. puching die blanks for batteries.
6. combination die blanks for making hexagonal nuts.
7. blanks for cutting materials.
8. finished ( highly polished ) bushes and sleeves.
Carbide Forging Dies

Carbide Heading Die Grade List

Grade Density T.R.S Hardness Performance & application recommended
g/cm3 MPα HRA
YG11 14.4 2420 88.5 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
YG15 14.0  2500 87.5 For fabricating drawing dies of stain tubes and rods under High compressibility ratio;punching、stamping 、froging tools under large stress.
YG20C 13.5 3000 83.5 Good wea ristance and  high bending strength. Primariy for nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
YG15C 13.9 2750 85.5 Impact resistance forging dies
YG16C 13.7 2800 84.5 Impact resistance forging dies, hot-press forging dies and rollers.
YG22C 13.3 2900 83.0  Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.              
YG25C 13.1 2950 82.5 Stainless bolt header dies and rollers.
YG26 13.3 3200 82.0  Screw cap forming dies with high impact resistance ( Highest impact resistance forging dies).